This was the most problematic house in Handforth!

We renovated a house built in 1939. It was a nice, clean house, but since it was “old”, it was time for a renewal. However at first, I didn’t think we would have to deal with such unusual problems.

  • We started with three of us, but after 1 week there was only two of us left…

  • After the second week, the Coronavirus arrived. Raising the question, When can we finish?

  • The building material stores closed, so we had a hard time getting everything we needed.

  • We had to work with other materials that were unknown to us, based on “a man cooks with what he has” principle, because there was no opportunity to get other things in. So, we started to order materials online…

The renovation of the house took an extra 2 weeks, but we managed to transform all the rooms into beautiful rooms!

Anita and John! Thank you very much for your patience, lots of coffee, green teas and cakes! I am glad we got to know two amazing people!

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