A young girl’s “dream” room has come true!

Petra has been a Prince fan for a very long time now and just like other teens her room was full of posters about him.

However, she found out that I “not only” paint rooms, but I was already working on sticking special, large wall stickers (FriendlyWalls service) on walls of her choice.

During the renovation of the room and minor repairs, the selected sticker arrived within 2 days, and after the paint dried, so I was able to stick the sticker up to Petra’s beautiful new red wall.

Watch the video of how I did it! If you would like too, you can choose from plenty of stickers and after painting your room I will stick it up for you. 😉 

These Wall Stickers includes different themes: Business, Funny, Home, Quotes, Flowers & Trees, Animals, Holidays, Sports & Hobbies, Vehicles, Around the World, Culture, Specialties, People. (I don’t really stick these on, on a cracked old wall so I only stick it on after painting the room on a nice wall. Plus, it sticks much better!)

The renovation was made in Sale, south of Manchester, in 2020 – May.

Watch this video of how I did it!

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