During the time of the Coronavirus:

Now I’m not particularly going to talk to you about the job we are still doing with Peter during this coronavirus time.

This house was built in 1939…

What gives us the strength in crucial times like these?
Well we are readily taking care of our health. Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and ingesting our usual reccomend amount of vitamin C and other vitamins every day.

Now you see if we wouldn’t be healthy and we wouldn’t take care of ourselves then we won’t be able to work and finish the house, however the house we are working in is empty, so everyone is safe. When we started renovating this house, the quarantine wasn’t in place. But there are 10 different places, rooms, hallway, staircases etc… that we have to demolish, paint, plaster and then do the laminate flooring.

We are watching and reading the news every single day as well,
so if the complete lock down kicks in obviously we won’t go to work either until its is safe to do so.

After this house is done, we are continuing to go to the next one in St. Helens to renovate. but because of this pandemic it is very difficult to get/buy the resources that we need.

Unfortunately in this situation, these times are a problem for everyone.
We are trying to survive by looking out for each other!
I know this will end at some point sooner or later, but it will.

Soon enough all the cafés, clothing shops, restaurants will open, and everyone will be happy again. I hope that you are taking care of yourself and we can meet at a café or in the park and we can great each other with a big smile knowing that we survived this virus….

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